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On Board For Kids

On Board For Kids is a unique association helping poor and needy children around the world. They organize fundraising events which focus on helping children in need.


Chameleon is a humanitarian association providing protection and rehabilitation to young Filipino girls who have suffered physical and sexual abuse.

Sunantha Camila

Sunantha Camila is a non profit organization which is building a school in Columbia for some of the most underprivileged children of Circasia Quindio.
⇒ www.sunanthacamila.org

Bagong Kulturang Pinoy

Established in Massachusetts, USA in 1998, BKP is a registered non-profit organization that hopes to develop a reading culture among Filipino children in marginalized communities in the Philippines. BKP helps set up children’s libraries and reading rooms and offer read aloud sessions to expose budding readers to the joy of reading.


Since January 2006 Streetlight has been working with children living in the streets of Tacloban, Philippines. Through their programs and with their time, affection and love, they try to help children build a better future.
⇒ www.streetlight.org

Juš Medič Photography

Juš Medič is an extremely talented photographer who generously accepted that we use one of his pictures on the homepage of this site.
His love for photography grew since he was little. But few years ago he realized that photography means something more to him. It is a way to express his vision, capture unique moments and share them with others. He likes to discover new cultures, meet interesting people and travel to distant places all around the globe.
His photographs were awarded on numerous competitions and were published in magazines in Slovenia and Brazil. A part of his short movie was also used in a TV commercial in the USA.
⇒ www.jusmedic.com